Originally published in The Hindu

Hasiru Dala, an organisation that works towards improving the quality of life of waster pickers, has welcomed the recently released Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change.

However, the organisation pointed out a few flaws that needed to be rectified while making policies and plans for solid waste management in the State. Speaking to presspersons, Nalini Shekar, Hasiru Dala co-founder, said segregated waste should go to informal sector, which the Karnataka High Court had also ordered. The State government should set up a market yard for scrap management, she said.

Identity cards

Ms. Shekar pointed out that according to the Central law, sanitary waste is considered dry waste, but the organisation wants it to be separated from dry waste. She also demanded that the government issue occupational identity cards to waste pickers and others such as scrap dealers, whole-sellers, itinerant buyers and sorters across the State.

Pinky Chandran, trustee, said, “We urge the State government to constitute a State-level Welfare Board for informal waste workers.”

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